Oct 22, 2015
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Video Tutorial Vol.9: Necklace with «Realistic Tea Rose Flowers»

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Skill level: Beginner to Advanced.

In this professional and detailed tutorial you will know how to apply ready realistic Red Tea Roses flowers in beautiful and unique jewelry pieces – amazing Rose necklace! More than 20 minutes high quality video will show you magic of polymer clay creation.

After watching this video you will know:
– how to make realistic Rose leafs;
– how to decorate a memory wire with polymer clay;
– how to collect roses flowers and leafs in a single whole necklace;
– which tools and materials you need to create this flower.

Current master-class will be understandable for a beginners who just start using polymer clay. If you are experienced craftsman then you’ll expand & improve your knowledge about creation process. Also you will see niceties of creation process.

WARNING: video tutorial contain subtitles, which additional explain the aspects of product crafting. Please, if necessary, turn on the subtitles in the video clip.

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Basic polymer clay materials and tools required:
1. Polymer clay Fimo Green color;
2. A dry pastels;
3. Thin blade for polymer clay;
4. Manicure scissors with thin curved edges;
5. Brush for dry pastels;
6. Cutters;
7. Different modeling tools;
8. Rolling pin or pasta machine;
9. Translucent liquid polymer clay or gel;
10. Jewellery Tools;
11. Memory wire;
12. Wire 0,3;
13. Photo frame glass.

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