Nov 25, 2015
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Video Tutorial Vol.16: The Symbol of the Year 2016: «Funky Monkey»

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Skill level: Beginner to Advanced.

In this professional and detailed tutorial you will know how to make beautiful, nice and funky Monkey from Polymer clay! You can easy make it by yourself or you can make it with your kids! More than 30 minutes high quality video will show you magic of polymer clay creation.

“Monkey” is a symbol of the new 2016! So, after watching this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make beautiful and funny little faces of monkeys, which then can be used in a cute and naughty bracelet, rings, earrings, pendants and keychains for keys or phones!

This jewelry will be great gifts for your friends and members of your family!

So with your imagination you can make a lot of options muzzles monkeys and all kinds of colours of accessories for them (bows and hats). When assembling jewelry – use different beads and accessories. This will allow you to make many unique gifts for your friends for Christmas & New Year events!

Current master-class will be understandable for a beginners who just start using polymer clay. If you are experienced craftsman then you’ll expand & improve your knowledge about creation process. Also you will see niceties of creation process.

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Basic polymer clay materials and tools required:
– Polymer Clay:
– Fimo liquid gel;
– Acrylic rolling pin;
– Brush for paints;
– The thin blade for polymer clay;
– Pasta machine;
– Tools with ball;
– Sculpting Modelling Tools;
– Dry pastel;
– Jumping rings findings.

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