Jan 18, 2016
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Jewellery Collection – Stained Secrets

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Hello all! Today I want to show you my new Jewellery Collection of 2016 year – “Stained Secrets”!

This collection of jewellery was created by me of suddenly, as I did most of my other jewellery!

One hand the strict lines and muted colors, but on the other hand – a cheerful color palette with delicate patterns and bright silvery inclusions like a lot of sunbeams on a spring flower meadow!

All jewellery are made by hand from polymer clay, with a positive, soulful mood!

For some time I did not cover my jewellery with a varnish covering. I dislike it because varnishing is not durable and friendliness to the water. So I chose a way of sanding and polishing.

A Double Rainbow Pendant with a Fantastic Title «Alien Spacecraft»

Alien forms and bright colors give it some flavor and mystery! This pendant is suitable for women who love non-standard solutions in the clothing and accessories.

Check Double Rainbow Pendant «Alien Spacecraft» at my Etsy Shop


Jewellery Set «Shimmering Leaf»

Stylish and elegant jewellery set reminiscent of remnants of ancient stained-glass window in the glare of sunlight! The organic shape of the pendant and earrings reminiscent of summer tree leaves, as well as the windows of ancient cathedrals.

Earrings «Shimmering Leaf»

Check Earrings «Shimmering Leaf» at my Etsy Shop


Pendant «Shimmering Leaf»

Check Pendant «Shimmering Leaf» at my Etsy Shop


Round Pendant “An Old Well”

The mysterious pendant with delicate textural pattern on the frame, like lost well with clear water in the forest!


Earrings “Vintage stained glass”

Earrings from the collection look like small stained-glass window in the an ancient house. As though assembled from fragments of colored glass, as if they attract to look into them, wanting to show everyone what they have seen in their lifetime!


Earrings (1)


Earrings (2)


Rings «Ancient Window in a Fairytale»

Rings on flower metal base, like windows in a fairytale world full of magic and wonder!

Ring «Ancient Window in a Fairytale» (1)

Check Ring «Ancient Window in a Fairytale» at my Etsy Shop


Ring «Ancient Window in a Fairytale» (2)

Check Ring «Ancient Window in a Fairytale» at my Etsy Shop


Thank you & Good luck!

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