How To Use Etsy Coupon Code

How To Use Etsy Coupon Code


Hello, my friend.

Many of my customers ask me about “how to use coupon code on”. So I decide explain that process in next few steps.

1. Add product to cart

Just select product you want to buy and click on “Add To Cart” button on right side. You can select as many products as you want to buy.



2. Open you cart by click

Click on “Cart” icon in top-right side of etsy site.

3. Enter coupon code

Find link “Apply shop coupon code” and click on it. Then you will see field where you need to write coupon code. Write it and click “Apply” button.



4. Done!

If coupon code is correct & it’s active you will see information about discount you got! Also you will see new price with discount. Then click on “Check out” button and finalize purchasing process.



5. Ups! Failed…

If coupon code is incorrect or it’s not active you will see notification about this.


That’s all.

Good luck & happy shopping for you 😉



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